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"An ancient icon"

The icon-painter workshop

Constantine and I went to icon-painting, as a primary occupation, separate ways from childhood. Constantine was fond of drawing from little up. He wanted to become an iconographer at the age of 18, but only in 8 years after graduation he was succeeded to take the path of icon-painting, when he entered iconography school in the name of Alypius of the Caves in Dubna.

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The icon-painter Konstantin

As for me, when I was 9, my father, who was also an iconographer, noticed my attachment to drawing and sent me to study at the art school. Between my studying at ordinary and art schools I dropped in my father’s workshop. Sometimes he trusted me to grind colors or give me something to copy from ancient samples. In 2006 I entered the Moscow Art College of Applied Arts, the department of Old Russian painting (icon-painting). In 2011, after graduation, I met my future husband, Constantine, then we married that year.

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The icon-painter Anastasiya
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The Konstantin, Anastasiya and their littel doughter Emiliya.

Thus, Divine Providence put us together not only by bonds of wedlock but common cause — icon-painting. In the process of painting icons we are guided by the principle of the individuality of each ones, trying to avoid any clichés. At the same time we don’t grow out of ecclesiastical cannons, rules that are made secretly and necessary for competent visual expression of Christian doctrine. The more we paint, the more we make sure that every next icon ‘teaches’ an iconographer something new. It’s impossible if you have studied for 10-20 years and say that now you know everything. Icon-painting is an occupation, which you can develop all your life. You always will have something to strive for.

From 2016 to our workshop had joined the icon-painter Catherine Chetvergova.

Text by Anastasiya Antonova.

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The icon-painter Ekaterina

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